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The Baby Blues (2/?)

August 5th, 2010 (12:29 pm)

Title: The Baby Blues
Author: Athar Riordan
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Dean; OFC; Sam; Bobby; Castiel; Dean And Anna; Dean and OFC
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2109 Words
Summary: Dean’s life is changed forever with a startling revelation from Castiel, causing the brothers and Bobby to re-think their place in the upcoming war and for Dean in particular to contemplate his own future after his time in Hell.


Chapter One


“Is every moment of our lives, built into us before we’re born? If it is, does that make us any less responsible for the things we do, or is the responsibility built into it?”
- Allie Keyes, Taken


Dean Winchester turned his Green gaze to the impala’s rear view mirror, being ever cautious in case someone or something decided to follow him. In the passenger’s seat beside him, in a newly acquired baby seat, the baby girl slept peacefully wrapped in a new baby blanket and outfit; her small hand curled into a fist around Dean’s pendant. After Castiel had left for fear of the newly acquainted father and daughter’s safety, the little girl had awoken in strange arms and had proceeded to cry until Dean’s pendant had fallen from the top of his t-shirt and into the child’s grip. She had immediately calmed after this. Even though it felt weird without the familiar weight of the pendant around his neck, Dean didn’t have the heart to remove it from the girl’s hands.
Letting out a small sigh of relief, Dean returned his gaze to the road ahead, while constantly glancing at the little girl beside him. They were on their way to Singer Salvage, where Sam and Bobby would be waiting. The older Winchester had driven out to a few towns over in order to think event’s through away from Sioux Falls over a drink, but hadn’t expected to be returning to his ‘family’ with a new addition. Dean had called ahead when he had left the motel, alerting the two hunter’s that a new development had arisen but hadn’t told them the nature of the development. It wasn’t that he didn’t want his brother and friend to know straight away- he wished they did. But the truth was that Dean was still having a hard time if dealing with this himself, and Sam and Bobby were the only people other than Anna or Castiel who could help him.

Driving in silence, Dean was currently on autopilot; with only the girls steady breathing able to sooth him as he tried to keep his mind numb to prevent a loss of focus until they reached Bobby’s. The little girl had only awoken once during the road trip, and had been settled with minimal fuss; Dean had felt a buzz seep through his chest as the little girl had looked up at him with curious Blue Eyes… God, she’s beautiful, Dean thought as he focused on the road.
Whilst holding the steering wheel in one hand and a quick glance away from the road ahead, Dean used his free hand to pull up the baby blanket closer to the little girl’s chin, and settled it around her sleeping form as she let out a tiny yawn and shifted slightly in her sleep. Dean kept his hand atop of the blanket as he took a bend which would take him on the road to Bobby’s.
Turning onto the dirt road, and driving under the sign reading ‘Singer Salvage’, Dean began to feel apprehension set in as the reactions of the looming Houses occupants; Sam would probably remember the situation with Lisa and Ben in Cicero over a year before- when for a time Dean had believed Ben to be his son only to be left gutted when Lisa had told him that he was not Ben’s father- and would advise Dean to proceed with caution lest History were to repeat itself. Bobby would be a different matter, Dean noted, as the young hunter was unsure as the older mans reaction. But then was the most immediate question; How would Three Hunters be able to fight an impending apocalypse with a small child to take care of?

Killing the ignition, Dean left his hand on the steering wheel and the other on the blanket as he sat back; his eyes focused on nothing in particular as his adrenaline began to wane. In the muted background, Dean could vaguely hear the opening and shutting of Bobby’s door followed by two sets of heavy footsteps. In his peripheral vision, the Older Winchester could make out the tall, lanky form of his little brother, and the rough appearance of their ‘second father’, coming to the drivers side of the car and paused at Dean’s lack of acknowledgement.

“Dean,” Sam’s voice prompted Dean as the younger Winchester rapped on the car window, standing beside Bobby as they stood on the Impala’s drivers side; their eyes showing concern for the Hunter in the car, whose cryptic message earlier that morning had aroused suspicion and concern. Bobby shifted slightly at the lack of response from Dean and so followed Sam’s lead by banging on the hood which brought Dean out of his thoughts, as he turned Green eyes to Sam and Bobby.
Remaining silent and moving automatically, Dean went to open the door as Bobby and Sam gave him a wide berth. Dean stepped out of the vintage car and closed the door, moving past the other hunters as if they weren’t there. He came around to the passenger side door only to pause. Glancing at Bobby and Sam, Dean could see the mixture of confusion and concern on their faces, but he ignored his own rivalling emotions and opened the door. Bending down with his knees touching the Impala’s cool metal, Dean removed the baby seat from it’s looped seat belt, noticing the little girls nose wrinkle which alerted him to the fact that the soon-to-be-awake baby would undoubtedly need to be fed, changed and put into a clean baby grow. Castiel had only left him with enough supplies for the trip to Sioux Falls, which meant soon he would have to go and get more supplies for the new family member.

“Dean-” Bobby began at the younger man’s uncharacteristic movements, but his question soon died on his lips as Dean straightened; his hands securely around the baby seat which rose up with him. Dean turned his gaze from the waking child to meet the dumbfounded gazes of the two men for a moment before turning the baby carrier towards them, allowing Sam and Bobby their first glimpse of a fair haired baby of no more than a week old.

Sam took a deep breath before speaking, saying the only thing he could think of after noticing that Dean was only wearing only a t-shirt in the cool air; his bare arms showing slight Goosebumps appearing on his tanned skin. “Let’s go inside, your shivering.”

“Sammy,” Dean said gruffly, at last finding his voice as Sam guided him toward the house, as he appeared to fully rake in his brother’s presence.

“Come on, Son, let’s get you inside where its warm,” Bobby concurred, slightly worried when Dean did not push the older man’s arm away as it went across the back of Dean’s shoulders, as with a look to Sam, he led Dean into the house and into the living room.

Dean gently set down the baby carrier on the low coffee table in front of the worn couch, removing the straps holding the small girl in place and lifted her- with the blanket still around her- into his arms as Sam and Bobby took positions around him; Sam on the edge of the couch with his hand on Dean’s shoulder while Bobby sat in a nearby armchair as Sam asked gently,

“Dean, what happened?”



Castiel watched as Dean’s Green eyes took in the small child’s delicate features, all the time aware that the longer he remained, the more chance of the baby being discovered.
“Dean, I have to leave,” The Angel said by way of breaking the silence which had overcome the rooms occupants. “The longer I remain, the more chance Demons will discover you both.”
“What am I supposed to do?” Dean asked as the little girl took a hold of his finger. His voice was unnaturally quiet, and yet reminiscent of nearly two years before on the eve of his deal. The question lacked the strength Castiel usually associated with the older Winchester Sibling. Dean Winchester was lost, and this time, not even the Angel of the Lord could help the Hunter…

*End Flashback*


“She‘s my Daughter,” Dean’s voice was barely audible after the silence which had encompassed the room following Sam’s question. The small child grabbed Dean’s finger in her small grasp, while still retaining her hold of the pendants black chord in her other hand. Dean felt Sam’s hand stiffen and saw Bobby’s expression turn into a small frown.

“How?” Bobby asked gruffly, removing his cap and scratching his head as Dean freed his finger long enough to brush his fingers through his short hair, still not fully comprehending the situation himself.
“Anna,” came the simple reply, as if could make everything comprehensible.

“Anna?” Bobby asked, having not met the person in question previously.

“Err, a young woman from a few months back. We helped her when Alistair came after her because she could hear the conversations of Angels. It turned out that she was, herself, a Fallen Angel who had ripped out her own grace and had fell to Earth to become Human. Except it wasn’t just the Demon’s who wanted her; the Angel’s wanted her dead. We set up a confrontation between the two sides- Anna got her grace back, and killed Alistair in some kind of an Angel Nuke.” Sam explained distractedly as he tried to make sense of the whole thing. “But she returned to Heaven, Dean. Unless-”

“She fell pregnant before she took her grace back from Uriel.” Dean concluded. The idea had been niggling at the back of his mind on the car ride back to Singer Salvage. The unconventional couple had shared one night of passion, so it could be possible… But, it was only a few months ago, not nine months…

“So, you and this Anna shared one night of passion a couple o’ months back, and now you two now have a daughter.” Bobby summarised.

“Pretty much,” Dean shrugged helplessly. The Older Winchester Sibling returned his Green Eyes to his lap, as he felt the little girl shift under the warm blanket she was encompassed within, to see a pair of Glazed Blue eyes blink in and out of existence. “Hey, Princess.”

Bobby and Sam turned their eyes to the little girl as she let out a small yawn as she began to wake up. To Bobby, even though his head told him to be careful of the new situation, his heart filled with warmth as the sight of Dean with the small child in his arms; it just seemed right in the older Hunter’s eyes that the young man in front of him had a chance to be happy after everything that had happened to him over the past four years.
For Sam, on the other hand, this new development made him suspicious, even though Dean’s posture was different than the previous few months since his return; he looked younger, as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders to reveal a new father who was both happy and scared of the road ahead. With the up-and-coming apocalypse, and with everything going on with the Angels, Sam was worried that with a child in tow, and with Dean as Broken as he was, things could go downhill pretty quickly if the demons found out about the little girl. But, Sam’s mind reasoned, this little girl who was now shifting in Dean’s arms, might just be the key to fixing the broken man who had returned from Hell eight months ago, and who was pivotal to the outcome of this war. She might just be the one person in the universe who could help Dean move on after Hell.

As green eyes met baby blue, Dean knew in his heart that this child was his. When he looked into her eyes, there was a strange feeling which appeared to rise from the pit of his stomach; it wasn’t like the emptiness he had been feeling everyday since his return from the pit. This feeling was full of warmth and a pull on his heart which, subconsciously, Dean knew would only become stronger. Whatever Castiel’s motives where for delivering her to Dean, the Older Winchester knew that he would do anything to keep this little girl safe.

He would die all over again if it meant that she could grow up with love, comfort, and with Safety. Just like his Mother had done for Sam… Just like his Father had done for him…