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The Baby Blues (3/?)

August 5th, 2010 (12:33 pm)

Title: The Baby Blues
Author: Athar Riordan
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Dean; OFC; Sam; Bobby; Castiel; Dean And Anna; Dean and OFC
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1729 Words
Summary: Dean’s life is changed forever with a startling revelation from Castiel, causing the brothers and Bobby to re-think their place in the upcoming war and for Dean in particular to contemplate his own future after his time in Hell.


Chapter Two




“Uh, I’m going to need some supplies for her. Think you can pick up what I need?” Dean asked after the silence which had fallen after the basic summary of events which led to the living, breathing, little girl now lying in Dean’s arms.

“There’s a store about thirty minutes out, I’ll get as much as I can.” Bobby nodded.

“Thanks,” Dean murmured.

The older hunter stood up and stretched his worn body before picking up his keys from the wooden side-table ,which stood near the kitchen’s double set of doors. Coming over to the new ‘family’, the older hunter grabbed his first chance to have a proper view of the little girl who was fussing as Dean watched her like a hawk, as if he were afraid she would disappear.

“It’ll be okay, son,” Bobby said, placing a hand on Dean’s shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze before heading toward the door and left the Winchester Brothers alone for the first time since Dean came back with the baby.

Reaching behind himself, Dean pulled an old Afghan from the back of the old couch,- causing Sam to remove his hand from Dean’s shoulder and move- and pulled the blanket like object across his lap in order to place the little girl on. The older Winchester shifted slightly on the couch, giving Sam room to come and sit beside his older brother, as Dean lifted the fussing girl up to his chest, now wrapped in the afghan, and laying her head on his shoulder. The baby’s scents assaulting him.

“You okay?” Sam asked gently, knowing that Dean’s silence meant otherwise as the two brothers sat shoulder-to-shoulder while keeping watch of the little girl who now gurgled to herself. Sam was still being cautious. But for now, he resigned to support Dean until things settled down and he was able to make his own judgement through research into a baby of Angel and Human could ever possibly exist.

“I don’t know, Sammy. I cant get my head around the fact that she’s real and mine- I mean, a few months ago I was dragged out of the pit with no explanation and not this?”

The little girl began to wriggle and whimper in her father’s arms; alerting the brothers the only way she could that she needed something.

“Ssh, ssh, it’s okay,” Dean said gently as he planted a kiss on the Baby’s forehead and bounced her gently up and down. “Bobby will be back soon with something to eat.”

The little girl began to cry as Dean moved his finger to her mouth as the little girl closed in on it and began to suck as if from a bottle, while Dean rubbed her back- standing up suddenly to pace the room as he continued to bounce her as Sam asked.

“What are we going to do?” His brown eyes never leaving his brother and ‘neice’ as Dean began to unconsciously hum a song, which helped to sooth the little girl as his green eyes turned to meet his younger brothers gaze.

“It’s tomorrow’s problem, Sam.” Dean answered in all serious. Sam nodded in understanding as the men heard Bobby’s truck pull up. Time seemed to be flying.

“I’ll go and help.” Sam murmured, getting up and standing in front of his brother- his eyes landing on the little girl. Hesitantly, the younger man reached out and brushed a hand over the baby girl’s back before pulling it back and heading to meet Bobby. The older hunter began to fight with his own front door, his arms laden with bags from the grocery store, as Sam opened the door and immediately reached out to grab some.

“I got what I could, but it’s a small store, and I don’t really know what kids need these days with all the damn brands.” Bobby explained as Dean and Sam followed him into the kitchen, Dean smirking at the older man’s complaint.

Dean was the last to enter the kitchen, as he immediately went straight for the grocery bags Bobby and Sam had placed on the side to pull out a new bottle and milk formula. Using his free hand, Dean fixed up the bottle with formula and put the bottle in the microwave to warm up the bottle. After the audible ‘ping’, Dean took the bottle out and pulled out a chair from Bobby’s kitchen table and sat down- shifting the baby as he did so in order to test the temperature of the milk and placing the bottle in the little girls mouth as the baby began to feed hungrily.

“Okay,” Bobby said, while Dean took charge of feeding time, “So I got diapers, formula, wipes, a couple o’ dummies, and some other stuff I have no idea what you need them for. Last time I had a baby in this place was sasquatch over here.” Bobby explained, motioning towards Sam who turned his gaze from Dean for a moment to give Bobby a questioning look.

“Thanks Bobby. Cas obviously had no real clue what he was doing. He got her a few baby grows and only enough formula and diapers to reach here.” Dean explained as Bobby and Sam sat down at the table just as the little girl finished her milk and Dean removed the bottle as he began to gently burp her.

“You boys are taking this better than I am; an angel gives you a little girl to look after with no obvious catches. It’s pretty hard to believe, especially with everything going on now.”

“Remind me of that when she’s asleep, and then I’ll panic.” Dean said as he continued to rub the baby’s back; not only to comfort her but to unconsciously reassure himself of her existence ad that she was his.

“We’ll figure something out,” Sam murmured more to himself than to the other occupants of the room. He could see the attachment Dean was already forming with the child, and he knew that it would break Dean if she was taken away- even if it were to keep her safe. Glancing at his brothers shoulder, Sam smiled weakly. “She’s asleep.”

Dean craned his neck slightly as he felt the little girl’s breath against the nape of his neck to see soft eyelids closed and small hands gripping the dark material of his t-shirt around his shoulder.

“Maybe you boys should get some shut eye, we’ll work something out in the morning.” Bobby said, noticing the dark sky.

“What are you going to do?” Sam asked, turning to Bobby.

“Just gonna put a few extra wards around the house on the safe side. You boys go upstairs and get some shut eye.”

“Thanks Bobby, for all of this,” Dean said, his mouth curving into a weak smile as Bobby returned it.

“That’s what family’s for. Kid.”

“Night Bobby,” Sam said as he yawned suddenly, only realising how draining the day had been as Dean exited the kitchen and made his way to the back room where the boys slept when they stayed with the hunter, with a diaper change and baby grow, which Sam took from him.

“Night Sam,” Bobby acknowledged as Sam gave him a weak smile before following Dean through to the room they shared, to see his older pulling out a fold out bed with a free hand before turning to his younger brother.

“She’s in with us,” Dean explained as he shifted his hold on the little girl. Sam nodded as he watched Dean change the girl with an expert eye.

“Hey Dean,” Sam whispered as he removed his outer shirt and boots.

“Yeah,” Dean answered in the same hushed tone as he gently manoeuvred the young girl into her new pink-coloured Baby grow.

“Everything’s going to be okay, you know that right?”

Dean smiled as he took the baby up before coming over and placing her in Sam’s arms; the younger fumbling slightly as Dean instructed gently, “mind her head.”

Sam smiled despite his tiredness as the younger girl slept on through the change as Dean removed his t-shirt and boots before gently taking back the little girl and made his way to the side closest to the door before easing himself in while Sam looked on; slightly awkward as Dean made sure the girl was comfortably situated in the middle of the bed for asking huskily, “You getting in or not?”

Sam nodded and slowly eased himself into the other side so as not to disturb the bed. The two boys pulled up the thin cover as Dean settled them around the small baby as he planted a small kiss on her forehead and brushed a hand through her short hair. Sam watched the exchange- both with apprehension and awe. Apprehension because of the possibility that Dean was basing this on hope, and - like Lisa and Ben- his hopes would be dashed and his dreams shattered. But also Awe at the way Dean could easily take control of the situation and knew what the little girl needed, intuition it could be called.

“So.. What’s her name?”

Dean looked up to Sam in the dim light before gazing back down. He hadn’t really though about names- after all he had only known he was a father for less than a day- but looking at her now, Dean could see the similarities between his daughter and his mother with the blue eyes and fair hair.

“I haven’t really thought about it.” Dean admitted.

Rae.. A faraway voice said, almost lovingly.

“What?” Dean asked his brother with a confused look.

“I didn’t say anything.” Sam shrugged, his brow furrowing in concern.

Rae… The voice spoke again.

“Rae,” Dean repeated, more to himself than for Sam to hear.

“Sounds good.” Sam agreed, not realising his brother hadn’t meant for him to hear. “Where did it come from?”

Dean looked up as he realised his brother’s question. There was no one else in the room and the name reverberated in his mind..


That was the only explanation.

“Um, I don’t know. But.. I like it.” Dean looked down at the small child who slept on unawares of what was going on, and the danger she was in. He loved her already. Sam nodded.

“Me too.” Sam smiled. “Rae Winchester.”

“Rae Mary Winchester.” Dean corrected as Sam looked up and then nodded in understanding. Their mother may be long dead, but she held some influence still in Dean’s own choices and some of the path’s he had walked. Sam also knew what she had meant to his brother. Their mother was home for Dean. And now, Rae was home for him.