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The Baby Blues (4/?)

October 2nd, 2010 (09:17 pm)

Title: Even Angels Fall: The Baby Blues
Author: Athar Riordan
Rating: K+
Beta: Special Thanks to Teresa who kindly checked over this chapter for me
Characters/Pairings: Dean And Anna; Dean and OFC; Sam; Bobby
Warnings: Contains References and small sections of Religious Context -- (Genesis 6:1-7) & (Jubilees 5:1-8)
Word Count: 3445 words (excluding chapter notes)
Summary: Dean’s life is changed forever with a startling revelation from Castiel, causing the brothers and Bobby to re-think their place in the upcoming war and for Dean in particular to contemplate his own future after his time in Hell.


Chapter Three: “Nephilim”


“God, I must be still in hell. C’mon,”

6:30AM found Dean entering the kitchen, holding Rae in his bare arms as,- not having the chance to pull his t-shirt on - he had slung it over his shoulder, after Rae had begun to cry for one of many times during the night - every four hours to be exact, for feeding and changing. After Bobby and Sam being rudely pulled from sleep three times already due the lungs on the little Winchester, Dean had given up on sleep and had decided to bring Rae downstairs. Dean had found himself having the first decent sleep in a long time, and even though Rae had disturbed it, he couldn’t complain.

“Your lucky I’m used to early starts with your Uncle Sammy, otherwise I would have so kicked your ass.” Dean said half-heartedly as he warmed up a bottle with his free hand while Rae pulled Dean’s t-shirt from his shoulder and put it in her mouth as her small hands gripped the dark folds of fabric. Dean quickly noticed this and gently tugged the now wet t-shirt from her mouth.

“hold up a minute, don’t choke yourself on your dad’s t-shirt.” Dean said as he quickly reached for one of Rae’s new dummies and put in the little girls mouth.

“There, that’s better.” The older Winchester mused as he waited for the kettle to boil while finishing the bottle- and checking the temperature- before making himself some strong black coffee and carrying cup, bottle and baby over to the table. Removing the dummy after sitting at the table, Dean brought up the newly made bottle to Rae’s awaiting mouth, as she happily tucked into the milk formula whilst her father took a sip of coffee as he watched his daughter - who met his gaze with twinkling eyes.

Dean continued to watch Rae in companionable silence until he took the bottle away and received a loud burp in return. “Right Back At’cha.”

“Got any coffee going?” Sam asked tiredly as he came in rubbing his brown eyes of the tired grit as he padded into the small kitchen to take a seat by Dean.

“Kettle’s still hot,” Dean answered not un-kindly as he used a small towel to wipe the milk from around Rae’s mouth.

There was a grunt from behind the three as Bobby entered the kitchen. “Morning.”

“Morning,” the brother’s chimed as Bobby followed Sam and sat opposite the two men who Bobby doted on like sons. “She’s her father’s daughter alright, with those set of lungs on her.”

“Not to mention she has the same appetite,” Sam joked, his smile not quite reaching his eyes, however.

“Haha,” Dean quipped half-heartedly as he brought Rae up to his shoulder to burp her as he murmured, “Don‘t listen to them Rae, because you pulled an all nighter. And Bobby ain’t as young as he used to be- no he‘s not”

“Watch it boy, you ain’t to old for a walloping.” Bobby growled with a slightly hoarse voice with sleep as Sam passed him some coffee. “Thanks Sam,”

Sam nodded as he took a drink from his own cup and the three men and a baby sat in the kitchen in companionable silence for a while until Sam spoke up. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Research.” Bobby answered gruffly. “Need to see if any angel lore mentions anything about Angels having kids with humans.” At the glare Dean was giving him, Bobby rebuked. “Don’t look at me like that, Dean. We have to know what we’re dealing with.”

“Dean, he’s right.” Sam said diplomatically, making Dean shift his glare to his brother.

Dean understood deep down why the research was needed, he really did. But the baby in his arms was just that- a small baby who needed to be cared for.

“We need to know what we’re dealing with and if that means we need to do some research then so be it.” Sam continued, unaware of Dean’s silent protest.

Dean was about to come up with an opinion when Bobby spoke up before the brothers began to argue. “But first, I suggest we get the little one checked out at the medical centre, just to make sure everything is okay.”

Dean nodded as he bounced Rae slightly to keep her quiet, the bouncing a relaxing motion for the small baby who merely gurgled as the adults around her spoke of the mysteries of her existence. Her ‘uncle’ in particular, being the leader of such speculation. Sam believed in angels, truly he did- but for Castiel to suddenly hand Dean a baby with no proof to support the statement this child was biologically Dean’s made him suspicious.

“I’ll make an appointment for you a the local medical centre. Ya should be able to be seen today.” Bobby added as he noted the look on Dean’s face. The man who sat before him looked younger as he held the baby in his arms with a look Bobby hadn’t seen in the older Winchester in a long time.
The look betrayed Dean’s emotions and feelings as if he were an open book; Dean had fallen in love with this little girl completely, but the possibility that she was only given to him because of what she was held the risk of ripping apart what was left of Dean’s hope and his heart. And Dean needed any ounce of hope he could if he was going to get past what he’d been through.


Dean sat in the waiting room of Sioux Fall’s quaint medical centre that stood just on the edge of town. Sitting on the hard plastic chair, Dean gently bounced his arms up and down to keep Rae calm. When removing the small girl from her baby car seat, he had disrupted her nap - the soothing motion of the car had calmed the little girl and she had begun to doze off when Dean had parked - leading to a now slightly irritable baby.

“Mr. Singer, the doctor will see you now.” The receptionist called from behind her desk. Dean looked up from the baby at the announcement, before slowly standing and picking up a small bag with nappies in before heading through the doors to the relevant treatment room.

Knocking on the door, Dean entered to see a middle aged woman sitting at a desk. She looked up and smiled as Dean entered.

“Morning, Mr. Singer,” she said warmly, as she motioned for Dean to take a seat.

“Morning, Doc,” Dean nodded as he sat down and placed the small baby bag on the adjacent chair.
“Singer…” The doctor repeated, as if she were trying to remember something, before it came to her. “ Any relation to Mister Robert Singer?”

Dean shifted unconsciously at the small talk but smiled nonetheless. “Yeah, he’s my uncle. Twice removed. He’s my dad’s cousin.”

The doctor nodded. “ I see. Well my name is Dr. Jones so how can I help you this morning..” she checked the notes on screen “…Dean?”

Dean cleared his throat- not realising it felt like sand paper- before speaking,” well, it’s about my daughter.”

Dr. Jones nodded as she turned back to her screen. “ Ah yes, I gather these are strange circumstances as it were.”

“Yes,” Dean answered. Before leaving, Dean, Bobby and Sam had thought up a cover story in regards to Rae’s sudden appearance.

“You see, Doc, I was with Rae’s Mom about a year ago and after a couple of months we split up. I didn’t know she was pregnant until she shows up out of the blue a day or so ago, with this little girl in her arms. She tells me the kid’s mine and that she cant cope - that she’s not ready to be a mom- so she gives this little one to me before she takes off. She didn’t give me any sort of records or documentation for her so I came to correct that.” Dean explained.

It was the truth to some extent; Sam had always warned Dean against his play boyish ways of sleeping with so many women - it could return to bite him in the ass. And in terms of Rae, Sam had been kind of right in an annoying little brother kind of way.

Through his account, the Hunter noted the doctor’s face change from a smile to a frown as the story progressed, and he couldn’t blame her. It seemed that there were so many single mom’s put there these days - most of them under the age of 25 - who had been dropped by their boyfriends simply because their bit of fun had turned into something more serious through the conception of a child. It was a sad fact, but it appeared to be coming the norm nowadays.

“I see… well how about we check Rae over and start from there.”

Dean nodded. Hesitantly, he relinquished Rae and placed her on the examination table as Dr. Jones came over with stethoscope, thermometer and new baby chart as Dean took Rae’s baby grow off so that Dr. Jones could carry out her examination.

“Okay, lets check her weight first.”

Dean placed her on weighing scales and the doctor waited for the beep to sound when the machine reached the weight Dr. Jones began to scribble on the chart.

“She’s a bit small. I’d say she’s about a week old so she would have been born…”

“… May 18th …” Dean murmured, realising that she had been born on the anniversary of him being sent to hell. Dr. Jones nodded at the hunter’s estimation, as the beep on the machine sounded.

“Four pounds, five ounces,” Jones read off. “Corresponds with Rae being small. Also suggests she may also be a little premature.”

“Really?” Dean asked. “ But she’s healthy right?”

Jones asked Dean to bring Rae back to the examination table as the doctor checked the little girls temperature and heart, nodding to herself as she did so.

“She’s fine. Heartbeat is regular, temperature is normal. As far as I can tell she’s a healthy little girl.”
Jones could see the relief on the younger man’s face. He cared for the little girl a lot, that she could see. But she still needed to let Dean know what was going to happen.

“Thanks Doc,” Dean said, as he began to redress the little girl who was now wriggling and making fussing noises as the hunter gently manoeuvred her back into her baby grow. He then lifted her up into his arms as he followed Jones to sit back opposite her at the Doctor’s desk. “So what now?”

Jones smiled weakly as she saw the interaction between the young man and the baby girl. When Bobby Singer had called her this morning explaining the situation, Jones knew that she had to keep this affair out of the system as much as she could. She owed Bobby Singer- and if helping the father and baby stay together could repay him then it’s the least she could do. That, and the fact that if the doctor called this case of abandoned baby in- Child protective services would undoubtedly take the baby, even if Dean was the father.

“Well, normally I would call CPS because Rae could be seen as having being abandoned.” She saw the look of horror on Dean’s face as she added quickly. “However, it’s not going to come to that.”

Dean started to breathe normally again, but he remained confused. He knew the workings of the Child Protective services well- the amount of times John Winchester had come close to losing his sons to the system still lingered in Dean’s mind, even if hat had been over a decade ago. He couldn’t lose Rae to that system. He wouldn’t. “What do you mean?”

“Robert called me this morning and told me of the situation, so I took the liberty of calling a friend and Rae has been registered as a home birth. This check up is being seen as standard procedure- the details will go onto her record, and this card you can take with you. She’ll need her vaccinations and check-ups but apart from that, you shouldn’t have many problems. A birth certificate however, could be tricky…”

Dean had stopped listening to the Doctor after she had assured him everything would be okay. He would never be able to repay Bobby for this - the older man had faith in Dean and trusted him in his conviction of Rae being his.

“Thanks, Doc.” The hunter said in a hoarse voice. “ How can I… if there is anything I can do…2 He trailed off as Jones held up a hand.

“The best thing you can do is look after that little onne as best you can. Robert Singer has faith in you and from watching you with Rae, I can understand why.”

Dean cleared his throat. “Thanks Doc,”

Jones nodded and gave Dean a weak smile. “Your welcome. She’ll need to come back next week to start her first course of vaccinations, but other than that you are free to take Rae home. If there are any problem, bring her straight back and we’ll see what we can do.”


Whilst Dean had taken Rae to the medical centre, Sam and Bobby had started researching into the possibilities of a child being conceived by the union of an angel and a human. After an hour or so, Bobby shut the book in front of him to rub his eyes, removed his cap to scratch his head before putting it back on. Opposite the older hunter, Sam was looking between two books and the open laptop. The young man was hungrily taking in everything he was reading.

Bobby frowned slightly as he watched Sam for a few moments. Since Dean had told them about Castiel giving Rae to him, Sam had been like a dog with a bone; the young man had managed to hide it from Dean, feigning acceptance, but Bobby could see that Sam was suspicious. At first Bobby believed Sam was just looking out for his older brother - Bobby could admit to doing the same after Dean had turned up on his doorstep last September after being pulled out hell by Castiel. But this was something else. It was as if Sam saw the baby as some kind of Trojan horse, with the angels using her as a way to cement Dean’s loyalty of sorts. From what Bobby could gather from recent events - especially after this incident with this Anna woman- Dean had lost what little trust he had placed in Castiel and his kind; hence the lack of angelic visitations of late.
While Bobby could understand where Sam was coming from, the older hunter couldn’t imagine even Angels having the imagination to cook something like this up. Anna was on the run - she had a death sentence on her head from what Bobby understood- and even though she had lost some of her human emotions (if not all), Bobby couldn’t believe even she would agree to using a child as a weapon. She must have convinced Castiel to help her smuggle the baby to Dean for lack of a better term.

“Found anything?2 Bobby asked with a yawn as he stretched in his chair; he wasn’t used to early morning alarms.

“Actually, I may have,” Sam said distractedly as he gave a final look at his notes, the books and the laptop screen.

“Well share, Sherlock,” Bobby prompted sarcastically. While Sam could be an excellent researcher, there were times the younger Winchester drove Singer around the bend with his mannerisms- particularly when it came to telling others of his research findings. Sam could either talk a man out of house and home, or her could be so broody that you couldn’t get a word out of him. Like father, like Son, Bobby thought with an internal shake of the head.

“Okay here’s what I’ve got so far,” Sam began. “There isn’t a lot to be found on Angel/Human children. But there are references to “Nephilim” in the bible; particularly the Old Testament.”

“And? What does it say?” Bobby prompted.

In response, Sam began to read off the information from his laptop screen:

The Nephilim were a race that dominated the pre-biblical flood world, and have been referred to as ‘the heroes of old, men of renown,’ in the bible‘s Old Testament (Genesis 6: 1-7). Nephilim has be seen to mean ‘fallen’ but there seems to be debate on here when the Nephilim are reported to be children born of the “Sons of God” and the “Daughters of Men”…

“Debate?” Bobby asked as Sam took a moment to read through this apparent ‘debate’. “What kind of debate?”

“It appears to be a debate as to whether “Sons of Good” is basically another term to describe Angels - in particular, Fallen Angels. Which is the kind of thinng we need to look at.”


“Because when we met Anna - and after Pamela came and guided her through a regression- she explained that she had ripped her Grace out and fell; which follows the idea of her being a Fallen Angel.”

“Okay then, “ Bobby said slowly. “So What does it say about these ‘Nephilim’ and ‘Sons of God’ references?”

Older views suggest Nephilim to be a race of hybrids between Fallen Angels (some referred to as ‘watchers‘ or ‘ Sons of God‘) and Human Women and are always Male. (I guess this can apply to Dean and Anna in a general way. However Anna was still human.) A writer who goes by the name of Henry Morris writes that: The only obvious and natural meaning is that these beings [fallen angels] were Sons of God… because they had been created, not born. Which reinforces the idea we are on the right track.” Sam explained using the references to show Bobby where his train of thought was coming from.

“Okay, so why are you frowning? You look like you’ve found what we’ve been looking for.” Bobby said in a slightly irritated tone of voice. Bobby Singer, unlike Sam Winchester, was not a morning person - and he certainly didn’t do well without his self prescribed amount of daily caffeine intake.

“The bible passages I have found are viable, and they don’t bode well. However, even though the first references appear in Genesis (6:1-7), the books of Jubilees and Enoch also are pretty detailed. These last two books aren’t seen as part of the European Church canon, but they are in the Bible of the Ethiopic church.
Jubilees writes:

And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the Earth and daughters were born unto them, that the angels of God saw them on a certain year of this Jubilee, that they were beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose, and they bore unto them sons and they were giants…
And God looked upon the Earth, and behold it was corrupt, and all flesh had corrupted its orders, and all that were upon the Earth had wrought all manner of evil before His eyes…
And against te angels whom he had sent upon the Earth, He was exceedingly wroth, and He gave commandment to root them out of all their dominion, and He bade us to bind them in the depths of the Earth, and behold they are bound in the midst of them , and are (kept) separate. And against their sons went forth a command from before His face that they should be smitten with the sword,, and be removed from under Heaven…

Enoch seems to follow this idea as referring them as ‘Son’s of Angels’. In semetic, Nephilim has been seen to mean “Those who were cast down”. If we follow this idea, we can come to the conclusion that if Rae is one of these “Nephilim”, then she is going to be just as powerful as any of the angels we’ve come across, and just as much of a threat. There is also the fact that she is the exact opposite to Nephilim Lore: she’s a female, her father is human and her mother is the angel.”

Bobby sank back in his chair as Sam finished retelling his findings to the older hunter. Sam had every right to be suspicious after discovering that the baby girl, who Dean had taken into his heart, could be just as dangerous as anything the apocalypse could throw at the hunters – she was unique in every way, they had never seen anything like her before which meant she was more likely to become hunted as she grew older. But, Bobby reasoned, if raised right, Rae could have just as much potential to do good.

And what better person to help her than Dean?