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Fallen Miracles [userpic]


August 5th, 2010 (10:53 am)

 Hello and Welcome to Fallen Miracles - A LJ Created for the Supernatural AU Series "Even Angels Fall" by Athar Riordan ( myths_reborn //thelosthighways ) . Here you can find the stories, character information, related Multimedia etc. Links will also be made available in a post as to where else on the web these stories can be found.

Due to Real Life, these stories are updated irregularly so please do bear with me while waiting for new chapters or updates. I may not be J.K Rowling or Dan Brown but im writing for a fandom i love and all this started because of the Dean Winchester/Anna Milton sub-plot in Supernatural Season 4 --> So we just blame Eric Kripke :-P 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the series, i'll try and update as much as i can but i cant promise anything.


- Athar